Biblical Counseling
Grace Baptist Church offers free biblical counseling anchored in the principles of God’s word. We believe that in Scripture God has given us everything we need to live successfully. The role of The New Testament church is to minister to the needs of the body of Christ and influence thecommunity at large. 

The goal of biblical counseling is to disciple a person giving hope and help through biblical application so, a person can successfully navigate the problems of life in a manner pleasing to God (II Cor. 5:9). The goal of Biblical counseling is not necessarily to make the person feel better or simply to remove the problem. This will hopefully happen, however, root issues to life must be addressed. It is our desire and goal to come alongside a person who is struggling and seek to apply the principles of God’s Word in such a way that the person responds in an obedient manner to the struggles they are facing.

If you are interested in Biblical Discipleship Counseling please fill out the requested forms below:

Biblical Counseling Consent Form

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